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Regatta Coaching

Do you want to get the most out of your current abilities? Many times Sailors perform under their possibilities because they get distracted or focus on the wrong things !

Coach Max will be able to help you get the best result possible. Having attended countless Regattas all over the world as a sailor and Coach, he knows what it takes to perform well and win big Championships.

Helping you with your routine on shore, gathering valuable Information on the water, thoroughly analyzing each day’s performance and giving you mental support, Max Stein will make sure you perform on the your highest possible Level !

Coach Max will be available during major Regattas/Championships as well for important regional Events. Just send us an Email to get more information.

Coaching during Regattas includes:

Help to have proper nutrition
Mental support – taking pressure of the sailor
Analyzing everyday’s weather and conditions
Creating a “Game Plan”
Setting up the right Strategy and Tactics for each Race
Having the right preparation on the water and on shore
Reviewing each day and analyzing mistakes
Support during protests